"Protect your USB drive from infection"

By their very nature, USB keys are prone to infection. You stick them in strange computers, share them with your friends and lend them to people for their files and downloads, so it's no wonder that when you use them, there's a risk that they could end up infecting your computer with something nasty.

USB Disk Security is a program that aims to detect any virus before this has a chance to happen. Once you install the program it automatically runs when a USB stick is inserted. It checks for infections, and also provides some other features, such as a list of the programs that automatically run at start-up.

- Niamh Lynch, Editor of


USB disks let you add unlimited storage to your desktop or laptop (especially laptops!) for movies, songs, images, backups, and other bulky data. USB thumbdrives and portable storage devices let you carry gigabytes of data with you. The USB interface means compatibility with almost every PC. And here's the problem: huge capacity, total portability, universal compatibility, and absolute indispensability work together to render your USB disks and devices especially vulnerable to viruses and other malware. USB Disk Security from Zbshareware Lab is an effective solution for securing your USB disks and data. This easy-to-use shareware is widely compatible with antivirus programs and other security tools. It's free to try, but the fully licensed version comes with lifetime updates and support.

Software tends to look like its type: media players, graphics apps, and e-mail clients usually look like media players, graphics apps, and e-mail clients. USB Disk Security looks like an up-to-date PC security tool, with a colorful and stylish yet professional-looking interface, clearly labeled buttons, and file list views. USB Disk Security incorporates several tools, including USB Shield, with real-time monitoring of USB drives; USB scan, a malware scanner optimized for USB drives; Data Prevention, which consists of the USB Access Control and USB Drive Control tools; and Safe Sites, with a URL Scanner and a Safe Web Navigation feature that sets the program's LinkZB page as your browser's home page. USB Disk Security also bundles some useful System Tools: Disk Cleanup, Repair System, and Autostart List. Unsafe and deleted files are moved to a Quarantine directory. The Settings menu is simple: just a password feature and language menu. But the Help menu is extensive and clearly written as well as illustrated with many screenshots.

We use a lot of USB disks and drives for a lot of different types of data, and we've used many utilities designed to protect them, but never one as powerful and capable as USB Disk Security, or with as many extras. If you like USB Disk Security, the registration cost is a small price to pay to keep your drives and data safe and secure.

"100% good & quality"

I like this product, because all viruses in the usb disk, memory cards, digital cameras, and etc, all are detected in this product. This is good quality.

- Joebecaibog, CNET

"Very Healthy Utility"

This is really useful utility to stop auto execution of unwanted programs from removable media, I really like it. Thanks.

- Manjanlal, CNET

"So far the BEST!!!"

I like the product very much because it is simple, easy, and effective.

- Allesonc, CNET

"It's great, it helps a lot, it does the job"

It's easy and friendly to use.

- J4_charp, CNET

"Nice and powerful"

Very quick in detecting once the usb key is plugged. The function like immunizer is superb.

- Hongtykoon, CNET

"Very powerful antivirus program for USB flash memory"

- Raad385, CNET

"Effective and fast protection"

The software is very simple to install and use, although it is English version, one only know a little English to understand how it works. I have to say it's so fast to detect viruses when inserting my thumb drive.

- Jeffery michael, CNET

It helps me a lot in checking any USB plug in my PC against harmful USB autorun files. It's convenient and needs little memory. USB Disk Security is a good tool for me.

- Khaihien

The product is great. We really like the protection for our clients, such as USBShield. We want to do anything we can for the information security of our customers, and USB Disk Security lets us do that because protection of the software is so great.

- Cliff

USB Disk Security works beautifully and couldn't be easier to install! Thanks;

- Donald

An excellent software which has helped me in the maintenance of workstations in our network.

- Edgar

We are looking to protect some offline computers that are not connected to the internet. These are located in remote locations where there is no internet connection. However they are often infected by viruses that enter via USB drives. Thanks to the USB Disk Security. We do not worry about the problem. When other antivirus software give up offline computer, USB Disk Security protects our computers.

- David

I will say that without usb disk security we cannot prevent the system from the virus and other programs which are spreading through the usb. I will simply say it was "gods gift", thanks to usb disk security...

- kavin

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